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Oxfordshire Chinese Community and Advice Centre (OCCAC) was set up on 16th June, 1991. Over the last 30 years, OCCAC has been serving the local Chinese community, especially the disadvantaged, vulnerable, non-English-speaking, older members, providing culturally, ethnically, and linguistically appropriate services.



OCCAC exists to serve the Chinese community in Oxfordshire by providing independent quality advice and services, enabling them to gain equal access to public resources, improve their quality of life and integrate into society.


  • To help the needy by the provision of advice and assistance

  • To provide interpreting and translation services

  • To provide recreational, cultural, art, and music activities to combat social isolation and  improve quality of life

  • To advance education and improve living and employment skills

  • To provide health talks and information and therapeutic intervention to promote healthy  living and lifestyle

  • To act as a bridge between the Chinese community, the wider community and public bodies


  • Providing information, advice,   interpreting and translation services through drop-in and appointments

  • Organizing suitable cultural, educational, music and recreational activities for the scattered Chinese community

  • Organizing various health and educational talks, workshops and classes

  • Organizing health walks and exercises to enable the Chinese community to become healthier and more active

  • Recruiting volunteers to serve the Chinese community and needy people in  society

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