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Survey for BN(O) Welcome Programme
「BN(O) 歡迎計劃」問卷調查 ( Part 2)

To enable OCCAC to shape our services and activities to your needs, please complete the following simple survey.
為使牛津郡華人社區及諮詢中心 ( OCCAC ) 能按您的需要調整服務及活動,我們希望您能填寫以下簡單問卷。

(4) OCCAC has established Peer Support Groups (PSG) in different areas to encourage mutual support. Would you like to join one?

If yes, please select 如果願意,請選擇:
Other:Any suggestions for PSG activities? 「互助關懷組」活動建議:

Personal Details 個人資料 

Gender 性别
Age 年齡

GDPR Statement about the retention of data GDPR 關於資料保留的聲明


Please note that your data is confidential to OCCAC and will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation. When the data is no longer of use to the Centre, it will be safely destroyed.


Thanks for participating

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