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During the COVID-19 pandemic, our activities have moved online. Through our mentally and physically stimulating activities, we hope to connect members and encourage them to stay active and healthy. We look forward to holding these activities in person again in the near future.

Mental Health Support Group「同路人關懷小組」   通過傾談 和 輕鬆的活動 讓組員得到聆聽、支持及關懷。

Our Mental Health Support Group provides a safe and relaxing environment for members to come together to share their life experiences, to be listened to, and to be supported.


Formed in 1994, the Mental Health Support Group is focused on promoting good mental wellbeing, enhancing the recovery process and assisting users to maintain healthy and independent lives in the community, by helping them to monitor their own health, and assisting them to gain timely access to care services.

The objectives of the group include:

1) Providing emotional and practical support to those living with long term health and mental health problems and to their carers, through befriending and home visitation

2) Engaging clients in social, recreational, educational, crafts and music activities to combat social isolation and promote better social and health outcomes in a community setting

3) Facilitating timely access to various social and health care services

4) Promoting mental health education and tackling social stigma through health talks and other awareness raising initiatives


Zoom Meeting ID:

856 2236 5845  

 Passcode: 123123

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